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We at CodeDiva are dedicated to you and your vision. We put aside our preconceived notions of what makes a website exciting or interesting, and listen to your ideas. Then we use our experience to make that vision a reality, while making suggestions based on best selling points. Our multifaceted backgrounds in the arts, business and marketing make us ideally suited to bringing your concept to life.

The proprietor, Melody Scott, began her career as a theatre sound technician, working for major theatre companies across Canada. In 1999 she decided to change careers and trained on diverse and complicated protocols and equipment such as DSLams, ATM and optical gateways. At the same time she was given the task of maintaining her company's internal and external websites.

And so a love affair was born. Melody took to coding like a fish to water, and Codediva was created. An affinity for the arts shows in the websites she has created.

CodeDiva is now based in beautiful Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, but the wonder of web development is that we can work for clients anywhere in the world. Give us a call or drop us an email:

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