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One-Stop Website Design & Restyling

We handle all your website needs - new websites, website maintenance and upkeep, search engine optimization and website upgrades or restyling, rebuilding or re-thinking your web look.

With our experience in graphic design and website development , you can be confident that whatever your project demands, we can deliver.

Looking for a website design company with a great work ethic, timely designs, excellent communication and a real sense of what the client needs? Then read on.

New websites:

We offer graphic design and coding for all types of new sites, from basic informational sites to ecommerce solutions, combined with Internet Marketing advice.

Website maintenance:

Conscientious, timely updating of your website.

Logo Design, Brochures, Artwork

Not just web design, CodeDiva does it all!


Tired of your look? Not reaching customers? Let us help you to reinvigorate your site.


Search Engine Optimization is an often misunderstood process. Many companies make promises that are easy to keep, but do your business no good. Picking one keyword to get you onto page one of the search engines within a week looks impressive, but what about the 30 or more other words people are searching on and not finding you? It is a large and complicated undertaking.

We make no promises to get you on the first page of Google by next week, but we do offer good, strong Search Engine Optimization that will get you there within a month or two, with long-term results. We can steer you towards reputable companies that will help you and your team to work SEO magic well into the future. We would be proud to be on that team.